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Posted by TrevSmash on 16-04-2022 01:19

Make No mistake ! This Pool League, Is the reason I have and struggle with Cancer.
My last night out - 29 months back. Summons this up.
I again, turned my back - Walked away. Faced my biggest challenge.
Cancer Operation: Radioactive Plaque Sewn onto my eye ball. Radiation X5 days.
Forever ongoing treatment. It doesn't end.
Big THANKS ! And loads of love to my family. Without their help and support I wouldn't be here.

29 Months ago ! Sums up Croydon Pool League.
Behind my back ! Again. Alco, Smelly Coward's ! Woods Jog on.

I train 1551 martial Arts (Instagram)
South Norwood Country Park - Forever walking the Dog around field.

Note, You want to finish the job - Come see me. Trev H